Women what to do about thinning hair on top


by Diane Shawe June 2010


We are living longer and Thinning hair is an unpleasant fact that many women must deal with eventually in their lives. Some women, upon being faced with this fact, simply don’t know what to do, whereas others try different hairstyles that help to conceal the thinning areas.


Back combing the hair - Teasing the hair - running a comb or brush in the opposite direction than normal - fluffs hair up to helps to conceal the thin spots, using lots of hairspray or even scrapping the hair back in a tight ponytail, but the higher you pull the hair up, the easier it is to see through the hair to the scalp, especially if you have dark hair. New shampoo formulas are of some assistance, helping each strand of hair to expand and therefore adding more volume to the hair. But the new 50's is now the 40's and instant gratification is what counts.


Some women choose to wear a wig to cover gradual hair loss. Wigs can range in length and color to accommodate every woman, but they can also be very uncomfortable and inappropriate for water sports or windy, rainy days. In place of wigs, some women choose hairpieces, which are often real hair that is sewn or otherwise attached to a headband, barrette or clips. These allow you to simply appear to have thicker hair than you actually do.

However, hair peices have moved on somewhat.  With the sophiticated laboratories churning out hairpieces with synthetic bio skin with hair injected, or human hair threaded through fine lace that can then be bonded or connected to the thinning area, these can be work for up to 6 weeks at a time before removing and reapplying them to accommodate new hair growth.

Many beauty shops offer a service whereby strands of hair are braided in tiny plats at the root of the hair, giving you much more volume. The attachments can be left in, shampooed and styled, but after a certain period of time, they have to be removed and replaced. This process is time-consuming but only needs to be done once a month, or so.  Often thought through the sheer weight or even tightness of the braid can encourage traction alopecia especially if the hair root is alread fine.


New techniques provide women with further options. They might include having hair transplants or plugs of hair inserted under the skin of the scalp, but the techniques are expensive and can be somewhat uncomfortable. These treatments result in the most natural appearance of the hair

If hairdos and hair products aren’t enough, you can purchase formulas over-the-counter to apply, which claim to regrow your own hair or even spray paint fibre to make your hair look thicker (messy). Although these products might work for some women, they will not work for all women. Most of the formulas require you to use them for endless months, with little or no immediate or future change and can be quite expensive.

No matter which method you choose, you don’t have to be embarrassed by thinning hair any more. Try a product or a hairstyle, and if that doesn’t work, try another option. You can combine several things at once, too, like using the volumizing shampoo while applying the nightly “hair regrowth” system and wearing clip-on hairpieces during the day.

If your hair is thinning on the top, it helps to quit washing your hair in the shower every morning because you think it needs puffing up with the hairdryer and products. Think about it, where the water pounds down on top of your head it could be encouraging more hair loss.  

Also, don’t switch hair products often. Using assorted shampoos and rinses on hair only complicates the problem. Try for a once a week wash, you will be surprised just how well your hair coups.  Leaning back and having someone wash your hair gently, or leaning forward over a sink and pouring the water over your hair to remove the shampoo and conditioner.

And, be easy on your hair. Don’t tug at tangles. Comb hair from the bottom, up, moving up only after all tangles are gone from that area. Don’t “scrub” hair with fingernails and keep hair clean and well brushed.

So if you want to treatment of your hair but the flexibility to appear to have a healthy head of hair at the same time, consider a crowning glory hair piece.  Of course there are many other hair enhancment techniques such as lace wigs which help with a thin hair line or over 70% hair loss through chemical treatments or alopecia.

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